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Provisional RESULTS 2021

Shore Competition Money


Noddy Coan          £32.33

Ray Goodwin         £28.31

Lee Vickery         £23.91

Steve Goodwin      £21.60

Pete Nixon          £21.08

Steve Butcher      £15.94

Phil Lusted         £9.39

Lee Dowdell         £7.30

Alfie Vye           £5.51

Dave McCune         £5.51

Derry Meyers       £2.68

Ian Burden          £2.53

Jason Daft          £0.30

Maurice Pickford   £0.30

Dave Vye            £0.30


Boat Competition Money


Dave McCune         £28.44

Derry Meyers       £21.07

Steve Goodwin      £19.51

Ray Goodwin         £16.84

Ian Burden          £14.54

Pete Nixon          £11.32

Maurice Pickford   £8.28

Trophy                                              Category                              Winner            


Bert Fancy Cup                                Heaviest Agg Cod (S)           Pete Nixon                 6-12-0  3

Dave Trent Memorial Trophy            Heaviest Bass (B/S)              Andy Stone                3-03-00                     Shore

Darren Hill Memorial Cup                 Heaviest Wrasse (S)              Noddy Coan               3-15-00         

New Generation Cup                         Shore Merit                           Pete Wood                 1414.555       

                                                       Runner-Up                            Noddy Coan               730.131        

Dev Royal Exchange Trophy             Best Specimen (S)                Ray Goodwin              Pouting                      148.438

Bell Fruit Cup                                   Heaviest Conger (S)                        

Bill Smith Cup                                   Heaviest Flounder (S)                               

R&S Lambert Plate                           Best Specimen (Scomps)      Ray Goodwin              Pouting                      148.438

Benest & Brown Cup                         Points Leader (Scomps)        Noddy Coan               217     

                                                       Runner-Up                            Ray Goodwin              190     

Rotary Challenge Trophy                  Heaviest Mullet (S) on %      Steve Goodwin          2-02-03                     50.276

Rock Breakers Cup                           Best Specimen (B)                Ivan Wellington         Thornback Ray          157.386

John Nash Cup                                Points Leader (Bcomps)        Dave McCune             309     

                                                       Runner-Up                            Derry Meyers              229     

George Hansford Cup                       Best Specimen (Bcomps)      Steve Goodwin          Small Eyed Ray         114.491

Wey. Outboard Conger Cup              Best Conger (Bcomps)          Ian Burden                 35-09-00       

Boat Species Trophy                         Most Species (Bcomps)         Dave McCune             17       

Nova Merit Cup                                Boat Merit                             Dave McCune             1911.821       

                                                       Runner-Up                            Steve Goodwin          1612.794       

Dowsett Motors Cup                         Best All-round Angler             Dave McCune             118.154        

                                                       Runner-Up                            Steve Goodwin          114.433        

Nova Trophy                                     Heaviest Wt (Open Boat)      Dave McCune             61-14-08       

Wey. Speedway Supp. Trophy         Best Spec (Open Boat)         Derry Meyers              Tope                          108.750

Frank Read Memorial Trophy           Best Spec (Closed Beach)     Steve Butcher             Red Mullet                  126.563

Tim Wisden Trophy                          Best Ray (S)                          Pete Wood                 Undulate Ray              122.266

Tim Wisden Trophy                          Best Dogfish (S)                   Pete Wood                 LSD                            78.977

Sonny Galpin Trophy                        Best Conger on Night                       

Richard Anstey Shield                      Best Smoothound (S)           Pete Wood                 Starry Smoothound    131.250

Danny Fox Shield                             Best Bream (B)                    Dave McCune             2-09-00         

George Elrick Trophy                        Best 5 Wrasse (B/S)              Ray Goodwin              25-15-12                   5

Bass Month                                                                                  Andy Stone                2-13-00         

Conger Month                                  

Pollack Month                                                                               Andy Stone                0-15-12         

Mullet Month                                                                                Noddy Coan               1-12-00         

Great Portland Fish Race                                                              24 Hour (Shore)                             

Out of County                                                                               Pete Wood                 Blonde Ray                 16-11-00        189.278%

Out of Country                                          

Best Rockling (Boat or Shore) 2021

Noddy Coan



Best 3B Rockling (Boat or Shore) 2021




Best Fish Shore Awards

(not covered by Trophies)

Pete Wood

Common Smoothound


Pete Wood

Small Eyed Ray


Pete Wood

Thornback Ray


Ray Goodwin



Best Fish Boat Awards

(not covered by Trophies)

Ray Goodwin

Ballan Wrasse


Dave McCune



Dave McCune



Derry Meyers



Ian Burden

Grey Mullet


Dave McCune

Undulate Ray


Ian Burden

Spotted Ray


Dave McCune

Red Gurnard